Active Technology Request for Proposals


Erate Form 470 #170051623 Leased Dark or Leased Lit Fiber

  • Do you have a particular brand of Fiber that you want to lease?
Clinton City Schools does not have a brand preference for fiber. All fiber shall be high quality fiber optic cable capable of supporting bandwidths up to 10Gbps. Vendors must adhere to all industry standards for installation, routing, and termination of fiber.

  • Are there any right of ways that we need to be concerned about?
Yes, There are multiple right of ways that must be considered in the routing of this fiber project. Please reference the specific location addresses included in the RFP to help determine routing and other project management concerns.

  • When would be a good time for a brief call this week or next week to discuss design, hub site location and number of fibers needed
Please review the RFP and use the detailed address location information to identify potential design and routing parameters that may be required. Send all questions via email to both me and the technical contact listed in the Form 470 so we have accurate documentation. We are requesting a minimum one pair of optical fiber from each site back to the NOC currently located at 1207 West Elizabeth Street, Clinton, NC 28328.

  • For each of the Leased options, what bandwidth do you want at the NOC?
We are currently connected at the NOC to NCREN for Internet access via a CenturyLink Metro Ethernet access link, which is configured with a Committed Bandwidth (CBW) of 250 Mbps. We don’t anticipate needed and increase in bandwidth at this time.

  • Do all of the right of ways belong to the state? 
All of the right of ways belong to the state as far as we know. 

Erate Form 470 #170055331 Wireless Access Points 

  • Can we quote an Alternate AP for this project? 
Clinton City Schools is specifically requesting Fortinet AP832i wireless access points to avoid having a mixed environment for management and control.

  • Were there any services you’d like included in the response? Any clarification on exactly what it is you’d like quoted out as far as services would be much appreciated!
Clinton City Schools is only requesting the wireless access points to add to existing infrastructure. We have existing licensing and support contracts already in place.  

  • Will you need the Access Points installed? 
We do not require installation. Our staff will mount the access points.