Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I enroll my child in an afterschool program?

To enroll your child in the Blazing Stars Academy, please request an application from your child's school. You can download an application from this webpage under Applications. You may also contact the Blazing Stars Office at (910) 592-1707 or email the Interim Director Joyce H. Sampson @

2. Is there a cost or fee to attend an afterschool services program?

No. There is no cost to attend an afterschool services program. Some enrollment criteria exist for certain programs because of funding sources. Please call the Afterschool Services office at 910-592-1707 for more information.

3. Can my child receive homework assistance in an afterschool program?

Yes. Students receive homework assistance at all three sites, ranging from 35 minutes at Kerr to an hour at both BAS and SAS

4. Why should my child attend Blazing Stars Academy?

Students receive help in reading and math, as well as help with homework. They receive healthy snacks, and have relationships with caring adults. Students get an opportunity to do they do not have time for during the regular day such as recreation, character education, drama, scientific experiments, and creative writing. We also offer free activities like piano, ballet, guitar, and martial arts lessons. They will have a chance to use technology devices such as ipads, ipods, and robotics.

5. What are the grade levels? And locations?

Blazing Stars Academy hosts Kindergarten-1st graders at Kerr, 2nd-3rd graders at Butler Avenue, and 4th-5th graders at Sunset Avenue Schools.

6. What is the duration of the program?

Blazing Stars Academy operates from 2:35 until 4:35 at Kerr School, 2:45 until 5:45 at Butler Avenue School and from 3:00 until 6:00 at Sunset Avenue School.

7. What qualifies a student for Blazing Stars Academy?

Any student that attends LC Kerr School, Butler Avenue School, or Sunset Avenue School is eligible to apply, however space is limited.

8. Is transportation provided?

Bus transportation is provided at all three sites. Due to the age of the children and times they will be arriving home we encourage parents to pick students up after the program ends each day.

9. Is there a connection between afterschool and regular school program?

The after school staff and your child's teachers and administrators are in constant contact about your child. There are interventions in place to assist students that need extra help and enrichment for those students that need to be accelerated. Most members of our staff are regular day teachers and assistants. As with all matters in Clinton City Schools, we strive to work together to provide a quality educational experience for you and your child.

10. Are the staff members highly qualified?

Most members of our staff are certified teachers and teachers' assistants. However, some have college degrees in other fields, but all have been trained in our instructional strategies and best practices. Our student tutors are all high achieving students in their own right.