Speak Up Survey 2018

Please take some time to complete the Speak Up Survey before it closes January 26, 2018.  The information gathered from this survey is used by the CCS Digital Learning Team and CCS Administration to guide decisions about digital learning in Clinton City Schools. The data is also used to guide State and Federal decision making regarding Educational Technology and Connectivity. Find out more at http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/

The data from last year was an integral part of Clinton City Schools receiving a Digital Learning Planning Grant in the amount of $44,115.01 for 2018. Participation in the Speak Up survey and review of the data is a required element of compliance for the grant. 

Please use the appropriate link listed below to access the survey.

Langdon C Kerr Elementary School
Parents - NChttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88034&SURV=85
Encuesta para Padres de Familiahttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88034&SURV=11
Community Members and Business Partnershttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88034&SURV=40

Butler Avenue Elementary
Parents - NChttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88037&SURV=85
Encuesta para Padres de Familiahttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88037&SURV=11
Community Members and Business Partnershttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88037&SURV=40

Sunset Avenue Elementary School
Parents - NChttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88033&SURV=85
Encuesta para Padres de Familiahttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88033&SURV=11
Community Members and Business Partnershttps://speakup.tomorrow.org/DistrictStart.aspx?DIST=20323&SCH=88033&SURV=40