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Welcome to College Central! College and Scholarship Remind Messages

Home of the Clinton High School Dark Horses

Toni Blount
College Advisor/Scholars Coordinator
910-592-2067 ext 1819
fax: 910-299-5164

ACT Award
ACT College and Career Transition Award for North Carolina


NY Times Article "Colleges Discover the Rural Student"

NY Times Article "Voices from the Rural Student on Why (or why not) to Attend College"

College Scorecard:  Click here to find the college that's the best fit for you!

College and Military Open House Dates & CHS Visits
  • Click here for all NC College and University admissions and open house dates for 2016-2017
  • NC A & T Spring Open House on Saturday, April 8: Register here
Check-out Scholar Snap: a tool to consolidate scholarship applications

Local Scholarships: Local Scholarship Bulletin Here
Simple Gifts Fund- apply by December 2, 2016
South River EMC Scholarship: apply by January 20, 2107

NC Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship for students in top 10% of class: Applications with Mrs. Blount in College Central apply by Feb 1, 2017
DAR American Indian Scholarships: Apply by Feb. 15, 2017
Foundation for Rural Service: apply by February 20, 2017 to Star Communications
Cape Fear Federal Credit Union Scholarship- 3 scholarships available for members and non-members:apply by March 1, 2017
North Carolina Blueberry Festival Scholarship-apply by April 1, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by March 28, 2017)
Farm Bureau Flake Shaw Application: Apply by March 3, 2017
Flake Shaw Farm Bureau Community College Application: Apply by March 3, 2017
Dance Shoppe Scholarship of the Arts: Application online at Deadline March 6, 2017 to Wanda Coleman
Star Communication Scholarship: Apply by March 6, 2017
Jostens Renaissance Scholarship: Apply by March 15, 2017
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: apply by March 31 (return to Mrs. Blount by March 28, 2017)
NC Blueberry Festival Scholarship: Apply by April 1 (Return to Mrs. Blount for review by March 28, 2017)
Sampson County Association of Educators Scholarship: submit to Mrs. Blount by April 4, 2017

Sampson Clinton Retired School Personnel Scholarship: apply by April 7, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by April 3, 2017)
CHS Beta Club: apply by April 7, 2017
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship: Submit to Mrs. Blount by April 7, 2014 Media Release required
CHS PTSO Scholarship click here teacher recommendation form
Clinton Lions Club Scholarship: apply by April 7, 2017 or see Mrs. Blount for an application State Employees Credit Union- Submit to Mrs. Blount by April 7, 2017 (Also complete the Clinton High School Scholarship form below)

Clinton Kiwanis Club Scholarship: apply by April 7, 2017 to Mrs. Blount (copies also available with Mrs. Blount)

Athletic Boosters Scholarship Application-submit to Mrs. Blount by April 7, 2017 (copies available with Mrs. Blount)

Edward Taylor Band Booster Scholarship for CHS Band students: submit to Mrs. Blount by April 7, 2017 (copies available with Mrs. Blount)

Clinton High School Scholarship form for the following: Apply by April 7, 2017 in this Google Doc. Bring downloaded SAT or ACT report to Mrs. Blount by April 7, 2017. SECU People Helping People as an additional Google Form
Description document for each of the following, click here

Frank and Kate Turlington Scholarship

Gray Felton Butler Scholarship

W. Arthur Chestnutt Scholarship

E. Martin Leder Scholarship

Woodman of the World: apply by April 7

Sampson Clinton Retired School Personnel Scholarship: apply by April 7, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by April 3, 2017)

John Robert Rosario Memorial Scholarship: apply by April 11, 2017 (Return application to Mrs. Blount by April 5, 2017)

Delta Kappa Gamma Grant-In-Aid for female students majoring in education: apply by April 15, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by April 11, 2017)

NC A & T Alumni Scholarship: apply by April 14, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by April 10, 2017) Click for Criteria

Clinton Garden Club Horticulture Scholarship apply by April 15, 2017...see Mrs. Blount Click for Criteria

Sampson Community College Foundation Scholarships: Apply by April 15, 2017 (Return letters of rec and resume to Mrs. Blount)

Sampson County NAACP Scholarship: apply by April 17, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by April 10 for review)

Beaver Dam Missionary Baptist Church Bertha and Samuel Butler Scholarship: apply by April 28, 2017 (Return to Mrs. Blount by April 24, 2017)

Brothers 4 Christ Scholarship apply by May 1... see Mrs. Blount Due: April 24 to Mrs. Blount

SHSAA (Sampson High School Alumni Association): MUST BE TYPED so use fillable application- apply by April 24, 2017 (Return by April 12, 2017)

KTM STEM Scholarship: return to Mrs. Blount by April 24, 2017

KL Wall Scholarship: return to Mrs. Blount by April 24, 2017

Wall Stinson Scholarship:  return to Mrs. Blount by April 24, 2017

Mattie Peterson Memorial Scholarship: apply by May 1, 2017 (return to Mrs. Blount by April 24, 2017)

NC Specific Scholarships:
NASCAR Technical Institute Scholarship and Testing Competition: Nov. 14 See Mrs. Blount

NC High School Athletic Association:  deadlines vary from Feb. 9- April 2017
North Carolina Community Foundation Scholarships: deadlines vary from February-June, 2017
N.C. Motherless Daughter Scholarship: apply by February 19, 2017
NC Bar Association Scholarship: apply by April 3, 2017
NC Society of Accountants: apply by April 15, 2017
SEANC Scholarship Program: apply by April 15, 2017 submit to Mrs. Blount by April 10, 2017
Bob McGuire NC Child Support Scholarship: 2017 updates coming soon
NC American Indian Fund Scholarship: apply by May 1, 2017
Riddle and Brantley $1,000 Scholarship (5): 2017 updates coming soon
NC Law Enforcement Scholarship: apply by June 1, 2017
Aspiring Nurse Scholarship apply by June 30, 2017

College Specific Scholarships:
Sampson Community College Foundation Scholarship- apply by April 15, 2017
UNC Charlotte Levine Scholars- Nomination period over for 2016-17
Co-Op Scholarship at Clarkson, Drexel, Johnson and Wales, Merrimack, Johnson & Wales,
RIT, Oswego, Univ. of Toledo, Univ. of Cincinnati, UMass, and Wentworth- application deadlines vary
Elon University Teaching Fellows apply by January 10, 2017
East Carolina University: one application for all scholarships
Thomas Wolfe Writing Scholarship at UNC Chapel Hill- apply by Nov. 15 for scholarship and admissions by Oct. 15
UNC Greensboro Teaching Fellows- apply by January 1, 2017

National Scholarships:
Questbridge College Match and Scholarship: apply by Sept. 27, 2016
Coca Cola Scholarship- apply by Oct. 31, 2016
Horatia Alger Scholarship - apply by Sept. 25 and Oct. 25 for two separate scholarships
VFW Voice of America Scholarship (Grades 9-12) - apply by Nov. 1
Univision 40 Nuestra Juventud Scholarship- apply by Nov. 7, 2016
American Legion and Eagle Scout Scholarship- various application deadlines
Student Photography Scholarship- apply by Nov. 15, 2016
Thank your skin Scholarship- apply by Nov. 30, 2016
Elks Most Valuable Student Competition- apply by Nov. 30, 2016

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship- apply by Nov. 30, 2016
Barbara Lotze Teaching Scholarship- apply by Dec. 1, 2016
National Space Club Scholarship- apply by Dec. 2, 2016
Quitday Scholarship- Dec. 9, 2016
AXA Scholarship- apply by Dec. 15, 2016
Foot Locker Scholarship: apply by Dec. 16, 2017
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program: apply by January 5, 2017

Ronald McDonald House Scholarship- apply by January 18, 2017

National FFA Scholarships:  apply by February 1, 2017

Cyber bullying Scholarship: apply by February 28, 2017

Buick Achievers Scholarship:apply by March 1, 2017

Life Lessons Scholarship Program: application open from Feb. 1-March 1, 2017

Form Swift Scholarship: Apply by August 15, 2016, Oct. 15, 2016, Dec. 15, 2016 and March 17, 2017

Health and Wellness Scholarship: apply by March 31, 2017

Vivant Smart Home Scholarship: apply by April 1, 2017

Catching the Dream for Native American Students- apply by April 30, 2017

Runabees Scholarship: apply by April 30, 2017

Women in Technology Scholarship- apply by May 5, 2017

Horatio Alger CTE 2 year community college scholarships: application opens in March 2017, students must create an account to apply

The Technical Generation Scholarship: apply by May 18, 2017

Work Ethic Scholarship Program: apply by May 19, 2017

Whitaker Fine Arts Scholarship: apply by May 31, 2017

Khan Law Firm Scholarship: apply by August 1, 2017

Trekking Pole Technology Scholarship: apply by August 31, 2017

Luxury Home Scholarship: apply by November 30, 2017

Shocpro American Football Scholarship: apply by December 7, 2017

Hispanic Scholarships search site: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute website
Hispanic Scholarship Fund: deadlines vary
United Negro College Fund: scholarships and deadlines vary
 Scholarship Search Sites
Student Scholarships

Scholarship Applications and Instructions

College Links and Facts

Parent Support Guide for the college process
March to Success: Provides materials to help prepare students for college and a series of videos to simplify processes.
Men of Color Organization at UNC Chapel Hill
Business Degree Guide with scholarship links
Discover Business Degree links and resources


Prudential Spirit of Community- students in grades 9th-12th can apply if they have made a significant contribution in community service since September 1, 2014. Apply online by Nov. 8, 2016
Emperor Science Award for research-Apply by March 17, 2017
Young Entrepreneur Award: Apply by Dec. 18, 2017


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Test Prep

ACT Prep on Study Island:

SAT Test Prep course offered at Clinton High School: See the link above under College Central News and Hot Topics

SAT testing strategies on College Board

SAT Prep on College Board

CFNC test prep for ACT and SAT

Khan Academy test prep

March to Success US Army test prep

SAT/ACT/Compass Dates and Fees

Click here to read about the new SAT

The Junior Section

Iteach Day at ECU- Dec. 3, 2017

Martha Guy Summer Institute at Appalachian State University deadline to apply is February 24, 2017

UNC School of Social Work SWING program:

The Institute for Future Agricultural Leaders (IFAL): See Mrs. Blount for an application

West Point Admissions is now taking applications from high school juniors. Click here for the application page.

Summer Ventures for Science and Math click here

Shelton Challenge at Shelton Leadership Center: for rising 9th-12th with a 3.0 GPA
fliers available in Mrs.Blount's office

The Clinton/Sampson Junior Leadership

NC Governor's School : Applications are due Nov. 1 to Mrs. Blount Explore the Governor's School website. See above under News for more information.

Rotary Youth Leadership Conference. See the full application below: apply by Nov. 14, 2016

Rural Electric Youth Tour by South River EMC

Questbridge Scholars College Prep Program: see Mrs. Blount for a nomination if you have a 3.5 GPA or higher taking the honors, AP, and/or CCP courses and your family income is less than $65,000/year.

Yearly Check List for College

9th Grade - Set Your Sights On College
  • Take courses that challenge you
  • Work hard to make the best grades possible
  • Meet with your school counselor and college advisor
  • Create or update your CFNC account and record your courses, activities, and more
  • Explore career interests by job shadowing, volunteer work in the community, and CFNC
  • Think about school involvement: join a sports team, club, and/or band
  • Build relationships with peers and teachers
  • Create an account on and and begin reviewing test prep questions on those websites
  • Read books of all genres- find authors and subjects that interest you
10th Grade - Keep Your Focus
  • Pursue extracurricular activities, interests, such as dance, sports, clubs and community service
  • Review your goals for the future with your counselor and college advisor
  • Update your CFNC planner Continue to use the free ACT and SAT prep at,, and
  • Take the PSAT for practice
  • Talk to friends, family, community members, and teachers about their college experience
  • Tour college campuses "online"
  • Look for summer enrichment programs such as band camp, college campus recruiting events, and a volunteer program (such as the hospital or other non-profits), work, local camps
  • Register for the most challenging courses that you can manage (honors or advanced placement)
11th Grade - The Critical Year for Success
  • Review your academic plan with your counselor
  • Review your college plan with your college advisor
  • Evaluate you high school transcript
  • Take the PSAT in October at school (this determines merit scholarships)
  • Check the entrance requirements for the colleges you are seeking
  • Take an on campus tour of each university or college you are seeking
  • Attend college fairs and financial aid workshops
  • Keep your CFNC planner updated and draft a resume with this information
  • Research scholarships on the web sites suggested
  • Talk to coaches about college sports and eligibility
  • Take the ACT in March seriously- it counts
  • Narrow down your college list
  • Find a summer job or internship in your field of interest or continue exploring many careers by volunteer work
  • Attend leadership seminars offered on college campuses
  • Register for an SAT before the end of the junior year and perhaps another in the summer between the junior and senior year
  • Continue to build relationships with teachers, principals and counseling staff (you will need these recommendation letter soon)
  • Take a leadership role on your high school campus- club president or treasure, team captain, student government, drum major or section leader, etc...
12th Grade Fall Semester - Don't Let Up
  • Make an appointment for the senior counselor meeting verify graduation requirements
  • Make sure all school debts are cleared (library, locker, sports uniforms, etc...)
  • Visit the cap and gown representative and complete order forms by the deadlines
  • Use CFNC: verify the NC wise number and Social Security Numbers are correct under My Profile"; plan and apply for colleges Select 3-5 colleges, one dream school, one safety school, and others in between
  • Send transcripts through transcript manager on CFNC- track the progress
  • Take an additional SAT or ACT to improve your score
  • Attend the college fair offered to juniors and seniors
  • Visit college campuses and take an official tour with the admissions office
  • Complete "out-of-state" applications on college websites or use the Common Ap Check with College Financial Aid officials about early cholarship deadlines
  • Work with the College Advisor regularly
  • Student athletes: verify the NCAA eligibility site for updates and send transcripts
  • Remind parents to plan to prepare tax information soon after January 1 for your financial aid applications.
12th Grade Spring - Finish Strong
  • Apply at get an ID number to sign the FAFSA (parents must have a separate number as well)
  • Complete and submit FAFSA at www.fafsa,gov as soon as possible after Jan. 1
  • Sign-up for FAFSA day at Sampson Community College to receive help
  • Compare admissions letters and financial aid packages
  • Submit your enrollment deposit to hold your spot at the college of your choice
  • See your college advisor for application and financial aid concerns
  • Celebrate your success by bringing in your letters of acceptance
  • If you took a community college course- ask the college to send transcripts to your college
  • Take exams for AP courses
  • Take the Accuplacer if you will be attending a community college in North Carolina Check your email regularly for updates from your college May 1- College Decision Day (wear your college shirt)

Scholars/Enrichment/Summer Programs for 9-12th Grade Students

ASCEND mentoring youth program offered through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Rho Omega Omega Chapter Apply Now and see your guidance counselor or college advisor for your transcript.

The White House Film Festival Student Film Contest, click here to learn more!

Reading Skills and Speed Reading Programs: offered through NCSU click here for more information or 800-964-9974

Appalachian State University Forensic Anthropology Camp:
Forensic Anthropology 1 Registration Link:
Forensic Anthropology 2 Registration Link:

Clemson Summer Studies:

Clemson Life Science Camp for 5th-12th graders click here
Gettysburg Summer Camps for Enrichment: Civil War, Psychology, Writing Camp, 3D Printing camp
Grammy Camp: Go to Summer Camp with the Grammy pros!
Martha Guy Summer Institute at Appalachian State University:
NC Governor's School Information is available in Mrs. Blount's office. Visit to explore the Governor's School websit. Applications are now closed.
NCSU Engineering Summer Programs for elementary, middle and high school:

Rotary Youth Leadership Speech Contest: see Mrs. Blount or theater teacher, Mrs. Burton

Stanford pre-college studies
Rural Electric Youth Tour in Washington, DC by South River EMC (application is above in the Junior Section). Sophomores and Juniors can apply.
UNCW Summer camps: Engineering and MarineQuest

Middle School Opportunities for Enrichment

The White House Student Film Contest, click here to find out more!

Clemson University summer science camps, click here for the website

College Foundation of NC

Reading Skills and Speed Reading Programs: offered through NCSU click here for more information or 800-964-9974

NEWS and Fun Facts

Presentations and Power Points
College Gear Up 4 Presentations: August 26, 2016 Please complete the evaluation form if you attended

Matchmaker: Best Match College by Toni Blount, click here

Sampson Community College Gateway by Susan Baxter, click here

Financial Aid by Emily Hadley, click here

College Admissions Essay by Jessica Alvarez, click here

CFNC by April Query, click here

Senior Parent Night Presentation

Financial aid and scholarship Presentation


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