Email Migration FAQ's

If we have people who currently contact us using our gafe accounts, will they still be able to use my account or will I have to contact everyone with my new e-mail address. I know your e-mail says all current stuff will be saved. I am worried about people who use my gafe address and try to contact me in the future.

     We will forward email to your account for the rest of the school year, but you should remind
     users to send to the address once we make the switch.

My students have used my regular school email to give to scholarships and colleges for them to send me the links/forms to fill out recommendations and upload letters of recommendations. Is this going to affect that?

     This will not affect emails sent to your regular school email. The email address stays active but also becomes
     the way all staff access Google. The platform for staff email does change to after the evening of November 21,
     2017 as opposed to the Office365 platform we currently use.

Quick question, I'm unclear about old emails. Will they be migrated over or just for a select few? I have a bunch of older ones that I might need again in the future. Should I go through my email this weekend and forward them to myself?

     All old emails will be migrated for all users.

Will this affect they way we login to our computers as far as username and password after starting the computer up?

     Windows based computer logins will not change or be affected. Usernames for staff Chromebook logins will change to the format.

I currently use for my business contacts; however, I have all student work and students to email me their questions using So what email address can I use for students? I do NOT like to fill up my inbox with questions from students or their work. Also, can you please tell me what exactly will our new address be?

     Staff will go back to having only one email address (like we used to have before becoming a Google LEA) and it will end with You can always create a rule to move any emails to a specific folder if you want to separate
     student emails from your main inbox.

Can I automatically organize emails into folders in Gmail?

     Yes, but Gmail uses labels and filters as the terminology instead of folders and rules like Office365. Visit for information on how to 
     create filters and labels.

Will emails saved in Outlook in folders, etc. transfer over to the new email system or do I need to take time this weekend to save or print important emails that I have saved?

     All “old” email will move to the Google Gmail platform. The folder structure in Outlook will need to be rebuilt in Gmail using
     their terminology of labels and filters. Visit
for information on how to create filters and labels. You will need to install the Sync tool to continue using     
     Outlook with Gmail. We will send instructions on how to install this application Wednesday, November 22, 2017 because
     installing it early will create more problems.

How do I create a signature in Gmail?

     Visit for information on how to
     add a signature in Gmail.

What if I don't like the background colors in Gmail?

     Visit for information on changing Gmail themes.

How do I access Gmail on my Android device?

     Visit for information on how to access G Suite from an
     Android device. Visit for information on the
     Gmail app for Android.

How do I access Gmail on my Apple device?

     Visit for information on how to access
     G Suite from an iOS device. Visit for
     information on the Gmail app for iOS.

What if I want to use the Outlook app on my phone?

for information on how to setup an email account in the Outlook app.

If we are using our Google logins for other platforms (Commonlit, Actively Learn, etc.) will we need to go through and change all the accounts we have?

     It is likely that these accounts will still work depending upon how the vendor sets up your account, but you will eventually need
     to change those accounts if you need the other applications to send emails to you or interact with the Google platform. We are 
     going to add the account name as an alias in Google for the rest of this school year only.

How do I create email groups in Gmail?

     Visit for information on creating email groups in Gmail.

What about CCS All and other email groups that were in Office365?

     All system maintained email groups that were in Office365 have been replicated in Google. Email groups that were created by
     users at each school will not transfer and will need to be rebuilt.

How can I change my picture (avatar) in Gmail?

     Visit for information on how to
     change your Gmail profile picture.

How do I setup an out of office or vacation reply in Gmail?

     Visit for information on how to setup an out of
     office or vacation reply.

How do I turn email notifications on or off in Gmail?

     Visit for information on how to change
     notifications in Gmail.

How do I choose to always show images in Gmail?

     Visit for information on how to chose
     whether to show images.

What do the buttons (icons) mean in Gmail and can I change them?

     Visit for information about buttons in your
     Gmail toolbar.

How do I change my password in Gmail (Google)?

     Visit for information on how to change your password in Gmail

How do I search for a certain email in Gmail?

     Visit for information about
     how to find certain emails in Gmail.
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