Extended Content Standards/NCEXTEND 1

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The Extended Content Standards is an alternate curriculum with an associated alternate assessment (NCEXTEND 1). In order for a student to be considered to participate in the Extended Content Standards/NCEXTEND 1, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • The student must have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP).

  • The student must have a significant cognitive disability.

    • The student’s disability significantly impacts cognitive functioning and adaptive behaviors, defined as those skills which are essential for someone to live and function independently.

    • The student requires extensive and repeated individualized instruction and support to make meaningful gains.

    • The student uses substantially adapted materials and individualized methods of accessing information in alternative ways.

  • The student must be instructed using the North Carolina Extended Content Standards (i.e., reading and mathematics) and the North Carolina Extended Essential Standards (i.e., science).
    • The student must be enrolled in grades 3–8, 10, or 11, according to PowerSchool. Only those students enrolled in 11th grade for the first time are required to take the NCEXTEND1 alternate assessment at grade 11.

Parent Information Sheet

Parent Information Sheet- Spanish

Statement of Understanding for Participation in an Alternate Curriculum

Statement of Understanding for Participation in an Alternate Curriculum- Spanish