How Does STEM Connect with Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

According to Corey and Adam, "STEM learning and the challenges we design in our classrooms offer collaborative experiences with real-world connections. This is the perfect opportunity to embed strategies for social-emotional learning. As educators, we can identify the SEL components and raise awareness within our students demonstrating for them the connections to what they are learning and how this is also developing a sense of responsibility, decision-making, or relationships skills." Click on the image below to explore more about SEL and STEM.

sel and stem connecctions

For Educators

Gaining Confidence When Incorporating STEM Activities

For an educator who may feel strong in their skill for integrating social emotional learning, but less confident in their ability to lead a science experiment, there’s good news: STEM activities are an exceptional opportunity to practice social emotional learning. Click here to understand how STEM connects with SEL in the classroom. 

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