Occupational Course of Study

The Future Ready Core Occupational Course of Study (FRC-OCS) is one of two courses of study a student with disabilities may complete to graduate with a high school diploma in North Carolina. The FRC-OCS is available for those students with disabilities who are specifically identified for this program. The requirements are listed in Section II of the current graduation policy, GRAD-004, for students entering grade 9 for the first time in 2021-2022. See Sections II, IV, VI, and VII for previous OCS graduation cohorts.

The FRC-OCS is intended to meet the educational and career development needs of a small group of students with disabilities who require a variety of substantive instructional supports and accommodations throughout the school day to access and make progress towards grade level standards. Most students with disabilities will participate in and complete the Future Ready Core Standard Course of Study (FRC-SCOS) with the use of accommodations and supplemental aids and services as identified in the student’s IEP. The FRC-OCS is intended for students whose primary goal is to go directly into employment or to attend a post-secondary education program resulting in a licensure or credential upon graduation from high school.

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